Matt’s Underground Fat Loss Manual – Is It Worth A Try?

By | October 11, 2018

rapid fat lossHello everyone, If you are looking for an honest review on Underground Fat Loss Manual then you have reached the right place.

Disclaimer: In this review, I have shared my opinion about this program but, I am NOT a newbie. I am working out for a couple of years now so, I have some experience before getting this program.

Hello, my name is Richard, and I’m in my 20’s. I know I look skinny, but this is my old photo. I am working out for a few years now, but shredded (in other words LEAN) body was never my goal. I got the serious problem in my back due to a car accident that sidelined me for many years.

I am working out because I want to become stronger and healthier. More importantly, I want to strengthen my weak back.

I do have love handles around my stomach, so it’s great to try out this program. We all secretly want to have six-pack abs… Isn’t?

How Do I Come Across This Program?

One of my gym buddies found this program, and he was thinking about giving it a shot. He came to me, asking for my opinion and if it’s any good. Of course, I can’t say anything as I know nothing about it.

Since I have some extra fat around my waist that’s why I decided to try it. This way I can share about my experience with my friend and others who are struggling to lose weight.

I created this website to share my experience and few golden weight loss tricks I pick up from this program.

The Underground Fat Loss Manual is the 106-page manual that contains conversational weight loss tricks that help you to lose weight quickly while enjoying cheat meal 3x a week.

According to Matt Marshall, if you use these underground weight loss secrets for four weeks, you will able to lose 13 pounds WITHOUT giving up your favorite foods.

Underground Fat Loss Manual – How it Works?

The Underground Fat Loss ManualThe Underground Fat Loss Manual is the digital program that contains a main manual and several bonuses.

The starting point of this program is, taking a full-body measurement with a DEXA scan, which is more accurate than any other method but also expensive (can cost you $60 yearly if you get assessment monthly).

However, do not let this premise to pull you off as you can get your body fat percentage with skin calipers.

Once you know your body fat percentage, you will get a 4-week protocol followed by a maintenance phase. This is the same 4-week protocol that Matt Marshall used himself to lose 13 pounds and get into the single-digit body fat percentage.

This plan is the breakdown of this 4-week protocol:

  • First 3 Days
  • 4-13 Day Plan
  • The 14 Day Is Cheat Day
  • 5-28 Day Plan
  • Maintenance Plan

This 4-week plan is simple and short, but it is not easy. Determination and Willingness are two key tools that are required to stick with this plan especially in the first three days in which you will lose a good amount of pounds.

Keep in Mind: This is NOT a diet plan that mixes up with cheat days, in fact, THIS PROGRAM will give you valuable information along with day-to-day practical tips to help you strip off fat from your body.

Matt Marshall originally designed this program for those people who want to burn last 10 pounds from stomach region, but this program is used by many out-of-the-shape men and women to lose 20-30 pounds of pure fat which proven by photo and video testimonial unique to this program. You can watch one of the video testimonials below:

The Underground Fat Loss Manual video testimonial

Scientific Studies That Support Matt’s Claims:

I know this is boring stuff for many people, but I have to do it to verify Matt’s claims. I found these studies for you to check them out:

“Aspirin can increase metabolism” – I search about it on Google and discover the McMaster University research which proved Salicylate (the active ingredient in Aspirin) increases the function of AMPK (AMP-Activated Protein Kinase), a key player in regulating metabolism and cell growth. You can read about this research from Aspirin: New evidence is helping additional health benefits

 “Slow Fat Loss Is Bad For Hormones” – When I search about it, I discovered a study by Fontana L, Klein S, Holloszy JO that proved slow dieting for a long period can actually drop testosterone by 78%. You can read about this study from Effects of long-term calorie restriction

“Small Calorie Deficit Elicit A Slow Metabolism” – which is scientifically proven when the team of scientists from the University of Alabama, USA proved that slow and steady calorie deficit can create slow metabolism which results in an increased fat mass, decreased energy level and muscle mass. Read this research on Mild calorie restriction induces fat accumulation

“Carbohydrate Not Bad For Health” – I don’t know since how long we were considering carbohydrates as the main EVIL for weight gain. I research over it and found Lancet Study which proved moderate consumption of carbohydrates can actually lower the risk of mortality. Read about this study from Moderate carbohydrate intake may be best for health

“High Protein Diet Are Linked To Weight Gain” – We all know protein is the best macronutrient for fat loss and muscle building. However, high-protein diets such as Atkins Diet and Zone Diet are associated with several risks. In 2016, a team of scientists discovered high protein intake is associated with a great risk of all-cause death. You can read about this study on High dietary protein intake is associated with increased body weight and total death risk

So here we go, just when you thought you know everything about fat loss, new studies prove you wrong.

This is really eye-popping stuff for me. I am sure it is for you as well.

4 Valuable Bonuses You’ll Get In This Program:

Bonus #1 – The 10-3-X Workout Program:

10 3x workout progamMatt was selling this workout program for $50 but recently he started offering this workout program completely FREE as a bonus for people who want to get ripped fast and build strong muscles.

The main manual of Underground Fat Loss Manual doesn’t contain any workout section because diet part is powerful enough to provide weight loss.

However, if you want quick results then you can take help from this workout program.

The great thing about this workout program is, you can do it in the GYM or at your home as well. It requires minimal equipment. This comes as a bonus and it is not available for purchase separately.

Bonus #2 – The 60-Second Hormone Fix

60 second hormone fixAre you overweight and feel hungry all the time? Do you feel your body is not burning fat doesn’t matter how hard you try? Do you feel your metabolism is slower than other?

If you answer YES to any of these questions then chances are your LEPTIN levels are an imbalance.

Leptin is a hormone that regulates your appetite and fat burning. By correcting your Leptin imbalance, you will feel less hungry and your body will burn fat quickly.

The good news is, correcting this Leptin level doesn’t require you to perform hours-long workout session. There is a simple 60-second morning trick that can fix Leptin imbalance in your body and help you burn fat quickly.

Bonus #3 – Ageless Abs:

ageless absThere are countless six-pack abs programs available in the market with new ones created every single day. The problem with these programs is, they are created for men between age 20 – 45.

Only a few men are able to maintain their hard-solid abs at the age of 60. The author, Matt Marshall, closely analyzes the routine of these men and discover all of them do one SINGLE exercise to maintain these abs.

Yes! One SINGLE Exercise!

This free Ageless Abs talk about this single exercise and show you how to perform it right from your own home.

Bonus #4 – Matt’s Personal Email & Phone Number:

Matt Personal Contact NumberMost so-called ‘gurus’ don’t care about your results once you become their customers. Thankfully, Matt Marshall is not like that.

Matt has posted his personal email and phone number on page 10 so that you can ask any question about this program.

The book contains almost everything you need to get started. However, if you are having trouble in understanding something then you can ask him without any delay.

[SPECIAL] – Register Yourself To Win $250 Paycheck

This is one of the programs where you can win $250 paycheck if your weight loss progress wins the bi-monthly competition.

$250 dollar prizeTo register yourself for this competition, all you have to do is to take your ‘before’ pic and record your measurements. Send these things to the Matt Marshall and he will send registration number.

You will have 60 days to change your body. After 60 days, you have to record your body measurements again and take ‘after’ photo. Send your measurements and ‘after’ photo to Matt and if your weight loss progress wins then you will get $250 pay-check.

If you are really serious about your health and want to change your life then I recommend you to don’t waste this opportunity.

Conclusion – Is It Worth A Try?

Without the doubt, The Underground Fat Loss Manual delivers what it claims, ‘The Scientifically Proven Weight Loss Secrets’ that goes against the mainstream weight loss programs out there.

give it a tryMatt Marshall has provided the 4-week protocol that not only helped him to lose 16 pounds but also helped countless out-of-the-shape men and women to lose 20-30 pounds within just a month.

Instead of suggesting a strict diet, Matt has provided a controlled rapid fat loss diet plan with a daily schedule and some extra weight loss secrets that are completely optional.

Matt’s fat loss program has adopted a faster approach towards weight loss because a fast approach is better than slow approach when it comes to fat loss. Additionally, Matt has provided plenty of scientific studies to support his claims.

To conclude, if mainstream diets and weight loss programs failed to deliver permanent weight loss results to you, then it is the right to try this unconventional Underground Fat Loss Manual which is proven by real-life testimonials. Don’t forget to register yourself for an exciting cash prize of $250 by the author. Yes! You can win a cash prize by losing weight. So hurry up!

Have a look at this video review:

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